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Thread: Contact form success message

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    Contact form success message

    Please don't take this as a complaint, but I'm beginning to wonder why I paid $10 for the pro version when I still have to go in and edit so much code to get something to look like I need...

    Concerning the contact form. Why is there not a simple way to change the "success" message in the megapanel?


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    We are trying our best to balance between free version and pro version, For next release I hope to balance it more in favor of the pro version.

    Still, the free version comes in with lots of options, and the pro version just adds much more.

    In each version release I think we doubled the number of options, from 20, to about 50+ in this release. In next release we are going to double it, if not triple it, because we are adding full controller to style the theme.

    The reason why this release doesn't have an option to edit the success message is because I think it's a standard text that suits most people, but I'll put it in review along with other texts for next version release.

    For now you can edit http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/famo...nc/backend.php

    You'll find there all messages and responses to ajax forms.
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