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Thread: DEEP BLUE- no graphics

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    DEEP BLUE- no graphics

    Hi there,
    I have purchased the DeepBlue Pro theme.
    Yesterday I uploaded the theme to my domain: www.showmethetricks.com
    But the graphics aren't working.

    What am I doing wrong?



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    Oct 2011
    It happens if this file is not loading: http://www.showmethetricks.com/wp-co.../css/style.php

    It gives you a 500 error. It can happen if you misplaced the wp-content directory I believe or of some other PHP configuration.

    I am not sure but perhaps you should check if the path to that file is correct and it exits (I think it is) and then contact your host and ask why it gives a 500 error for that file, perhaps it's some kind of a configuration.
    I'm the Admin here to help you out, Every time you post something make sure to include your website URL!

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